It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am a huge fan of wine country.  When I was there a few years ago I stayed in the little town of Yountville and loved it so much, I recommended we stay there again on my recent girls weekend with Lauren and Marcella.

I will have lots to share with you in the coming weeks on wineries I loved and restaurants I highly recommend.  However, for now l would like to share a one night packed stay in Yountville.

We stayed at the stunning, relaxing Hotel Yountville, which is walking distance to everything you need for a food lover and wine tasters type of vacation.  Restaurants, wine tastings, relaxing and shopping – is there more?  The last time I did add a trail race to my trip but as I seem to not work out anymore this was removed from our weekend… phew.

Our little trip covered all of these must haves.  We started with lunch at Hurley’s, a warm and inviting restaurant in the center of town.  With it being Dungenous Crab season, both myself and Lauren could not resist their Dungenous Crab Louis Salad, it is fantastic.  Marcella enjoyed the toasted cheese (adult-style) sandwich.  Of course, lunch was paired with a sharp, crisp glass of John Anthony Sauvignon Blanc.  The first but by no means the last of the weekend.

Food in our tummies and a glass of wine under our belts, it was time for a little wine tasting.  We walked the few steps to the Hill Family Estate tasting room and met with Jean for a private tasting.  I loved their wine so much, I became a member of the wine club.  A review of this winery and some of my favorite tastings to follow soon.


Hill Family Estate Tasting Room

Back to our hotel we all escaped to their tranquil and peaceful Spa Acqua for a massage.  Relaxed almost into a coma and still on East Coast time, we all had to rally for dinner at the outstanding, Redd restaurant.  Lucky for us it is about 200 yards from our hotel and well worth the few steps.  Review to follow soon on Redd.  For now I will just say heavenly pork buns.  You will soon know what I am referring to.


Redd’s fabulous Pork Buns

Beyond exhausted but in a very good way, we retired to our room with a working fireplace and cozy, comfy blankets for a good night’s sleep.


Hotel Yountville

Our flying visit in Yountville ended early(ish) with a filling breakfast at the hotel’s Hopper Creek Kitchen with the freshest squeezed orange juice I have had in a long time and good strong coffee.  We were set up for a day of wine tasting, which was to include Opus One.

During past trips, I have enjoyed many more of the things Yountville offers from the Bistro JeantyPacific Blues Café, Rutherford Grill and fun shopping at the Yountville Marketplace.

I could not think of anything better than leaving the car safely at your hotel so you can enjoy your wine and food just steps away.  Hotel Yountville is perfect for this type of friend’s wine tasting, food indulging getaway weekend.


Cheers from Napa Valley